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Seattle Credit Union is the owner of valuable intellectual property rights in connection with our brand. These Guidelines govern the use of our service marks, trademarks, and logos (the “Marks”). It is important that our brand and Marks are used properly and in a consistent manner in order to maintain and enforce our rights. Prior written permission must be obtained from Seattle Credit Union prior to any use of our logos or Marks, and only the image provided to you pursuant to such permission may be used. Contact information is located below in the event you wish to use our logos and Marks, which may or may not be granted in our sole discretion.


We are Seattle Credit Union. Our legal name is Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union. The use of our legal name should only appear on legal documents and should appear as: Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union dba Seattle Credit Union. The acceptable usage of our name for marketing and other similar purposes is Seattle Credit Union. Use of Seattle CU or SeattleCU is only acceptable when referring to our website, social media handles, or our Mobile App. Any other manner of referring to us is not acceptable. This includes but is not limited to:

  • SCU
  • SMCU


We own or have the right to control many service marks, trademarks, and logos, whether through registration with the USPTO or common law rights. The graphics, words and phrases include but are not limited to the following:

seattle credit union logo

seattle metropolitan credit union logo

cycle loan logo

sweet 16 car loan logo

renters loan logo

the one percent down mortgage logo

  • Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union®
  • Seattle Credit Union®
  • Cycle Loan℠
  • Sweet Sixteen Car Loan℠
  • 房东的贷款℠
  • The One Percent Down Mortgage℠

Note that while some of the above graphics are shown in black and white colors only, we reserve the right to use such Marks in any color format. Please contact us if you have questions.

Taglines and Phrases

  • Your partner in growth and prosperity
  • Feel Good Checking

Publications, seminars, and conferences

Prior written consent must be obtained if you wish to use our Marks for any publications, seminars, and/or conferences. Use of our Marks for such purposes must be in compliance with these Guidelines and any specifications in such written consent.

Social media guidelines regarding brand guidelines

Unless written permission to use our Marks has been obtained prior to your use, our Marks cannot be used in a way that may suggest affiliation with Seattle Credit Union in any way. Replication of our Marks on any social media account(s) in any form is strictly prohibited.


Seattle Credit Union retains all rights to its trademarks, service marks, and other intellectual property. You may not file trademark applications or claim any intellectual property rights to the Seattle Credit Union Marks or any derivatives thereof. We want to ensure the continued style and distinctive elements of Seattle Credit Union Marks, and appreciate your cooperation. If you become aware of any infringement of the Seattle Credit Union Marks, please contact us immediately.

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